Best Water Glasses Reviews of 2019 – Buyers’ Guide

The Winners: Best Water Glasses Reviews

The taste of the drink can be enhanced by choosing the right glass for it. For example, you may have the best liquor drink with you but the glass in which it is poured will help with maintaining the temperature and the taste. The Perfect Aroma and the Temperature Check – both these factors decide the drinking experience.

In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the Best Water Glasses depending on the type of the Need! We will begin with the Best Pick, and then find the Best in Cheap, Red Wine, Martini, and much more.

Our Best Pick: Libbey 15.5 Ounce Heavy Base Cooler Glass

Our best pick among all the Water Glasses is the Libbey Heavy Base. It comes with a capacity of 15.5 ounces and is also tagged as the Libbey Classics. This product has been in the market for a long time, it is among the people’s favorite choices!


  • Better know as the Classic Libbey inventions.
  • This product is completely made out of glass and has got a heavy base.
  • The elegant design makes it a perfect choice for home as well as for offices. If you are planning to have a fine dining arrangement done for any celebration, Libbey can go perfectly well here as well.
  • We are reviewing the Libbey Glass that comes in a 4-piece set.
  • These glasses are made in the USA and are found to be dishwasher safe.
  • The weight of the glass is 3 pounds.
  • This can also go well in form of a gift for someone, because of the unique design of it.

You can buy the same package in varying quantities. There is an option of choosing 4 or 8 number of packages, other than selecting one package (set of 4 glasses).

Best Cheap Water Glasses: Home Essentials Red Series Bubble 17oz Highball Glass

Looking out for options to make the ‘Best in Budget’ deal? Then you won’t find any other quality-glass like this Red Series Highball Glass by the Home Essentials. This product is made from a fine natured glass material.

This is a set of 4 glasses, they have got a tall glass design. It has got a carrying capacity of 17 ounces. You won’t find any glass colored glass here, all of them are plain-transparent ones.


  • This set of 4 glasses is brought to you by Home Essentials.
  • It falls in the category of Highball glass and comes with the capacity of 17 ounces.
  • Yes, it is a Dishwasher friendly glass. Colorless in nature.
  • It is a highball glass, and so you can use them for serving drinks. Other than this, you can use it as an everyday glassware.
  • Reportedly, it has got an approx. of 7 inches height.
  • There is one air bubble on the base side of the glass, giving a cool look to the glass.
  • Tough built, and a perfect buy for your home bar arrangement.
  • This glass-set is currently the Best Seller on Amazon.

It is bit heavier than the Libbey Heavy Base Glass discussed previously but can hold more quantity of the drink. You can place the order as either a set of 4 glasses or a set of 8 glasses.

Best Tumbler Glass: Taylor’d Milestones Scotch Water Glass, 10-Oz Whiskey Glass

Tumblers are the type of glasses which are flat-bottomed, and they are made of glass or plastic.

Taylor’d for the Best Whiskey moments!

This lead-free glass is made in USA, with keeping the safety of you and your loved ones. They have kept all the quality standards in check in this incredible Scotch Glass. We have opted for the set of two 10-ounce glass for review. It has got a thick base with all the precise cuts and lines on it.

This 10-ounce capacity glass serves the right amount of the drink and offers immense pleasure to all the Whiskey lovers. Taylor’d Milestones comes with a fantastic design, but they also help with maintaining a fixed temperature for a desired time.

You can even gift these glasses to any glass-lover or friend of yours. They are a good choice for gifting since they give a classic feel to any home decor.


  • Strong, durable, and Timeless are the adjectives which describe this Milestones Scotch Glasses.
  • All the Whiskey lovers will adore these glasses for their class design.
  • An old-fashioned glass design is followed for the design.
  • It even goes well with all your family gatherings as well as formal meetings.
  • These are dishwasher safe glasses and are highly resistant to breakage.
  • Another point to add, the makers of this glassware are known for providing finest glass products, along with an effective customer service.
  • All the hotels and other quality standards are meant on this Scotch Water Glass.
  • Highly resistant to breaking and scratching.
  • There is a 1-year satisfaction guarantee which comes with this classic Glasses. So, if you face any issue within this time, then you can contact the team and get the glasses repaired or replaced.

If you didn’t find the product impressive, then you can return the product and get a refund for the same.

You will get to benefit from the thick base included here; this is only being possible of the highly durable glass used in the making. Clarity along with the elegance is maintained, making it the best choice for all.

Best Red Wine Glass: Paksh Novelty Italian Red Wine Glasses

This 18-ounce water glass falls under the Stemware type of glasses. They are specially designed for serving Red Wines, and Paksh Novelty Italian glasses remain our best pick in this category.

Designed in Italy, these glasses can serve upto 18 ounces of the wine. It comes in a set of 4, and their shining and classic design are sure to turn the heads of your guests!

These glasses are made using Star Glass, which is a lead-free chemical. This helps in creating pure and clear glasses for home use. Glass gives a luxurious design, and they are delicately crafted in the Italian style. Thus, it manages to do great with all the aesthetic look, along with being stable inside.


  • If you are particularly looking out for some European touch, then this is the apt Wine Glass for you. They are designed for serving red wine.
  • The stemware is made using Star Glass, which is a lead-free chemical. Thus it makes safe for all.
  • Best Quality Sand and other organic elements are used in the making. They help in creating astounding wine glass, best for homes as well as restaurants.
  • With the use of the laser, the rim and the stem parts are designed. In the end, you will get to see a thin stem which is easy on the handling and the gripping too. Did you find this part similar too?
  • The bulb-shaped part of the glass is easy on the holding part and letting the drink to breathe. This helps with enhancing the flavors, and let the aroma spread around.
  • You can wash this Water Glass, and place them in the dishwasher.
  • Most of the wine glasses come with weak stem, this point has been noted here. The stem is stronger than other ordinary glasses.

There is an XLT treatment, which is an invisible guard and it keeps the stem strong against any kind of abrasion. They are among the most delicate portion of a Water Glass, which can break easily while washing too! With the help of the XLT feature, you can preserve your glass from breaking or abrasion.

This Italian Red Wine Glass is definitely worth a try!

Best Martini Glass: Libbey 10-Ounce Preston Martini Glass

If you order this product via Amazon, then you will get a 4 piece set, each having a 10-ounce capacity. They come in a clear serving dish, in which you can also place your favorite sweet dish as well. You can offer this glass as a gift for various occasions like housewarming, birthday, or even weddings too.

Made in America, these Martini Glasses are dishwasher safe. So, you can place them in a dishwasher and make the cleaning easier.


  • It is a glass-made product and is designed for serving your favorite Martini drinks.
  • This glass is made in the USA and is also dishwasher safe. Thus, it makes the cleaning easy for you.
  • Comparatively, they are lighter in weight. It is found to be of only 3.1 pounds.
  • These glasses are part of the famous Midtown series of the Libbey glasses.

Some users have mentioned that the glass is a bit heavy in nature. But this helps with handling the glass more carefully and reduces the falling of glasses by a great margin.

The Best Champagne Glass: Bella Vino Crystal Champagne Water Glass

Are you searching out for some cool Champagne drinking glasses? Then take this Bella Vino Crystal glasses on the account. Just one word to describe them, “URBANE” – something which has is refined in manner. We fell out of words after we got to see the glasses. You must check them out once, for making your Champagne party a memorable one.

These light-weight glasses are cool on your hands yet give a royal look with the drink served.

They come with short stems, and your drink is sure to sparkle in these elegant glasses. Another feature to be noted is the cool grip provided here, makes it the best for all the toast announcements.


  • The glasses are also termed as flutes when it comes to champagne drinks.
  • You will fall in love with the Bella Vino, as you keep on taking sips of the champagne from it.
  • Glasses are completely lead-free and made using durable elements. This gives the best satisfying feeling to you while drinking from the glass.
  • As soon as you sip from this Bella Champagne glass, it will give you a luxury feel. That feeling makes all the champagne tastes way better than usual.

Don’t go for the plastic flutes! Especially when you are getting high-quality glasses at a low price online. Make your meeting more beautiful and lively with the Bella Vino Champagne Water Glass.

It is never a good option to use low quality champagne glasses. Firstly, it is an injustice done to you and secondly ruins your drinking mood. If you have got this Bella Vino then you are going to experience the best champagne time. What else to say, Cheers in advance!

Best for the Ice-Cubed Drinks: Circleware CG Society “Ice Cube” Square Water Glass

There are many Circleware products made available to other shop retailers. It is also found to be the best-selling glassware brand, which is being sold both online as well as offline. Another fact about this company is, they are famous for providing high-quality glass products, and that too for the best prices.

They are found to be best in quality, best in price and value in the market. This brand has managed to take both the old-styling and latest technology together in their creations. Who doesn’t love to have this cup in hand, and recall all the old-fashioned days?


  • Basic design or the theme is the classic one, and along with that latest technology is combined. They keep checking all the latest technology updates and try to instil them in the glasses.
  • There are two glasses made available under this product – one with 10 Ounce and the other one with a 17-ounce capacity.
  • Sturdy glass with high quality and stylish design. It is found to be entirely free from lead.
  • These glasses can go well with any event, and also found to be durable for daily usage.
  • You can make use of these glasses for almost any occasion. Analyse the theme of the gathering, and then buy it for gifting purpose.
  • They can even go well with all kinds of party celebration too.

As we mentioned above, this is the top recommendation for all the Ice-Cubed drinks! Ice-cubes are large, so the glass ought to be spacious enough to hold atleast 3 or 4 of them. Circleware has released the CG Society Ice-Cubed Water Glass to solve this issue for you.

Types of Drinking Glasses

Innovative glasses have emerged lately that perfectly goes with different drink type. Even the drink taste better when placed within these glasses. You may have the right kind of glasses for cocktails, but the top portion is wide enough to lose all the drink’s aroma. In such case, you need to get the right kind of glass appropriate for the drink to be served.

So you have got the new liquor in town, now with the right glasses you can maintain the flavor, keep it cool or warm with the help of the glass design. Right flavor with the right temperature maintained – these two are the main factors for having the best drink experience!

Red Wine Glass

This type of glass is comparatively larger than any other glass type. This comes with a bowl shape on the below side of the glass. Go for a glass with a longer stem, so that you don’t warm the drink quickly with your hand. The stem does not require to be larger; standard size will do good.

White Wine Glass

Coming to the White Wine glasses, they have got small mouth opening on the top portion. This helps with giving less space for aeration. This prevents the drink to oxidize quickly, which helps in maintaining all the needed flavors. These glasses retain back all the light and that peculiar white wine aroma in the best way.

Flute/Champagne Glass

Next, we got the Flute Glasses, which comes with the lesser surface area than the White Wine glass. This helps in preserving the sparkling wine, and stores all the aroma inside the glass. They have got small mouth at the top, and the base is also small. They are used in serving the Champagne drinks.

Cocktail/Martini Glass

This is the classic cocktail glass which comes in the form of an inverted cone. They come in varying sizes, and can usually carry about 3 to 6 ounces of the drink.

The design of this glass evolved from the fact that – all the authentic cocktails come with a unique aroma. Here the mouth is wide-open so that the user can get the best aroma from it while drinking.

Margarita Glass

Even the Margarita drink is served in a separate glasses, which is specially designed for this drink. These glasses have got a stepped diameter design on the glass, a bit similar to that of the cocktail glass. Well, this type of glass is very rare to see as people have started serving Margaritas in different glasses.

Highball Glass

Next, we have the tall glass tumblers which are known as Highball glass. You can serve cocktails and other drinks which have got large portions of the non-alcoholic content. It is poured over the ice-cubes placed inside the glass. They are used in place of Collins Glass too, though the Highball glass is comparatively shorter than the formal one.

Lowball Glass

These are the old-fashioned glasses that arrive with a thick base. They can be called as a short tumbler and can carry about 6 to 8 ounces of the drink. You can use this glass for serving a neat portion of the liquor.

These are the different types of Glasses which you can find for the Drinking purpose.

Some Cleaning Tips for your Water Glasses

There are many ways by which you can clean and maintain your water glasses. We recommend to our readers to clean the glasses on a regular basis using warm water, after each use. This helps in the maintenance of the glasses without losing that shine on it.

Beginning with the Basic Cleaning process

#1 Take some warm water initially and then add some drops of the dishwashing liquid. Take a clean sponge, and dip it in the warm water+soap solution. Gently wipe the glass inside and out. Finally, rinse and wash the glass thoroughly. You must follow this steps on a daily basis if you want to maintain the glass shine and the look.

While performing the previous step, make sure that you do not exceed the amount of the dishwashing liquid.

#2 After that, place the glass on a mat or towel and let the glass air dry on its own. You need to place the glass in the downwards position, with the rims resting on the towel.

#3 Some people prefer using a dishwasher for cleaning the glasses. But we found it less effective than the standard hand washing. Even if you want to go this way, run a delicate cycle for cleaning the glasses. Leave sufficient amount of space between the glasses for preventing the clinging of the glasses.

Want to get rid of the Cloudy Residue on the glass?

First, you need to make a vinegar solution for getting this job done. Can you see white spots or a shade kind of thing on your glasses? Then you need to get some vinegar for the solution. Mix some vinegar with warm water; for one cup of water, you can mix two tablespoons of vinegar into this.

Take a clean cloth, dip it into the vinegar solution. Start wiping the glass gently both inside and out of the glass. You can dip the cloth if you find the need to moisten the cloth again.

The final step is to rinse the glass. Vinegar has got a strong smell, and this smell will reduce as the glass starts drying up. In case you have got many glasses, then you can soak all of them together in the similar vinegar solution. Then later leave them to dry.

For removing any dark stain on the Drinking glass?

If you got coffee stains on your glass which is not going that easily, then we got a solution for you. Make a bleach solution for solving this. Mix a tablespoon of the chlorine bleach into a gallon of warm water. Wear hand gloves for avoiding the bleach contact while cleaning.

Soak all the glasses in this bleach solution. Let them soak for about 30 minutes. After this, rinse all the glasses in cold water. Even the baking soda is found to be useful for getting the hard stains after the soaking process.

There is an alternative method too, where toothpaste is used for cleaning. Take some paste and rub it on the glass using a soft-bristled brush. Rinse the glass with warm water, and then leave it for drying.

These are the various tips for cleaning and maintaining the Water Glasses. We always suggest all to follow the Basic Cleaning process after each use of the glass.

We are concluding the Best Water Glasses Reviews for this year. Was this content helpful to you? You can share your reviews in the comment section below. Also, if you have any other glass type, then do share the knowledge! We and other readers will love to read them. For updates, visit our page Best Reviews Land, and follow!

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